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We understand the bond between a person and their pets.  This bond is so strong that many homeless pet owners refuse the safety of a shelter so that they can stay with their beloved pets.

To ensure that no pet goes hungry and to reduce the infectious disease in the community, Street Petz has been created to help them.  We are a non-profit charity dedicated to the health & well-being of petz in need.

Our Mission:  To help feed & vaccinate the petz of the homeless.

Where: Nationwide with our team of volunteer veterinarians & veterinary technicians.

Helping Petz of the homeless
Please help US
10% of the homeless own a pet in desperate need


contact us:
Address:         10343 Federal Blvd.,     Suite J-103  Westminster, CO 80260
FAX: (855) 615-8584mailto:streetpetz@aol.comshapeimage_10_link_0

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Some sad statistics from the National Coalition for the Homeless:

  1. *3.3 million Americans are homeless

  2. *730,000 (23% children) are in the HUD Homeless Support Service Network

  3. *100,000 homeless veterans are in the VA Support Network

  4. *889 acts of violence committed toward the homeless resulted in 144 deaths

  5. *AARP reports that only 598,983 year-round beds are available for the homeless in  America

And these are counted homeless in the network.  Think of how many that didn’t come forth because they feared losing their pets.